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School Attendance and Term Time Holiday


Term time holidays were originally introduced for children whose parents were unable to take holiday at any other time; service and farming families fall into this category.


Governors have given the Headteacher permission to grant a leave of absence in a school year for a family holiday only in exceptional circumstances.  


Parents are asked to consider the impact on their child's learning of any absence for a holiday in term time.


If permission is refused and your child is absent for the dates requested, this will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.  Educational Welfare Officers inspect the school registers each half-term where unauthorised absences are recorded.


Please read our full statement on unauthorised absence by following the link





With the above taken into consideration, should you wish to apply for a ‘Leave of Absence', please either download and complete the absence request form below, or ask the school office for a copy.



Unauthorised Absence Statement Leave of Absence Form