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From the earliest stage pupils are taught to use IT equipment and software confidently, safely and purposefully to communicate and handle information, to support problem solving and to record and communicate their learning. Over time they are taught to extend the range of IT tools which they use for communication, investigation and control.


Computing is taught to the children from reception through to year 6.  In early years children begin to program Beebots following algorithms in order to reach a given destination in the classroom or on the mat.  As the children progress through the school they begin to transfer these skills onto a computer based version of Beebot.  Once the children are confident at debugging and programming we use coding projects on PurpleMash.  Many of these are cross-curricular and provide the children with challenges and projects to complete.  As the children move into upper key stage 2 they use Scratch.  Children complete projects which involve creating games, quizzes, music and even art.  


For the last two academic years, children in years 5 and 6 have visited Adastral Park (BT) to take part in coding competitions; RoboCoup and CoSpace  Junior Championships.  We are very proud that we are the champions of both these competitions.  


As well as coding children are taught many other skills and programmes.  All children are taught how to use painting and drawing programmes, Microsoft programmes such as Word, PowerPoint and Publisher all of which support other areas of the curriculum.  We also teach the children how to make movies and in their final years they complete an architectural project using Google Sketch Up.  


We live in a digital world, and children are taught Online Safety throughout their time at Otley. They learn how to be responsible users of technology and how to make wise choices and decisions. Children are encouraged to discuss Online Safety with their parents when they sign their acceptable user policy. Every two years we have an Online Safety day where we promote internet safety across the whole school, parents of children in years 5 and 6 are invited into school to participate in a learning together session with their child.

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