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Design Technology

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Design Technology helps to prepare children to take part in our rapidly changing world. We aim to develop the child’s perception and understanding of forms and structures and give him/her the opportunity to choose, use and evaluate materials and acquire the technical skills and knowledge to handle materials and tools.


Design Technology is taught at all stages. Sometimes it is linked with the topic, for example designing and making a sarcophagus when studying Ancient Egypt.  At other times Design Technology teaches a skill, for example a “Structures and Bridges” module. Children have the opportunity to explore, design and create products out of clay, textiles, wood, card… They learn how to choose, measure and join materials efficiently and how to use a range of equipment safely.


Some examples of DT work:

• Vehicles

• Cams

• Pop-Up Books

• Boats

• Food

• Catapults

• Cushions


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