Otley Ship Otley Ship

federated with Witnesham Primary School

The website for Witnesham Primary can be found here.  


Our Classes


Children spend 7 years in Primary School. They spend their first year in Reception, two years in Key Stage 1 (infants) and then four years in Key Stage 2 (juniors) before moving onto secondary school.


At Otley Primary School we have 10 children in most year groups, and 57 children in the school overall. In small schools, mixed year group classes are the norm, and at Otley Primary School we organise flexibly to meet the needs of the cohorts in our school.


We have three classes, and our year groups are currently allocated to these classes as follows:

Every class is supported by experienced Teaching Assistants and a Higher Level Teaching Assistant works across the school.


The Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants in each Key Stage work and plan as a team to ensure that each child experiences learning that meets their needs. By planning together the teachers can ensure consistency within each Key Stage, and where a year group is split, within each year group too.


Class sizes in our school are small – there are currently 18 pupils in Class 1, 22 pupils in Class 2 and 18 pupils in Class 3.  By sharing their class with year groups above and below their own, the children create friendship groups across the school, which enhances the strong family atmosphere at our school.


More information about each class can be found on the individual class pages under the 'Education' menu.