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Religious Education

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At Otley, children are expected to follow a school code. Part of this says: “We respect everything and everyone around us,” and “we will welcome everybody.” Our mission statement explains that “we believe in every child’s right to learn and grow intellectually, emotionally, morally, spiritually, physically and socially in a friendly, stimulating and caring environment.


The topics that the children study have been developed using the Emmanuel Project and meet the requirements of the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus.  A range of key religious festivals such as Divali, Rosh HaShanah and Christmas are explored either through whole school themed days, special assemblies or within the classroom.


The children find out what is important to people in their lives and why, learning to respect each other’s opinions as well as those held by members of religious communities. A combination of individual pupil workbooks and class scrapbooks record the children’s learning.  


The teaching of RE plays an integral part of each child’s learning experience, offering the opportunity to wonder about the world they live in, to question and try to understand the choices people make and to see how important people’s behaviour and the example they set can inspire others.


All children learn through responding to key questions such as:


  • What makes every single person unique and precious? (Reception)

  • Why was Jesus given the name ‘saviour’? (Key Stage 1)

  • Why do Muslims call Muhammad the ‘Seal of the Prophets’? (Lower Key Stage 2)

  • How did Buddha teach his followers to find enlightenment? (Upper Key Stage 2)


Children are taught these units using a variety of age appropriate methods including through discussion, religious stories, looking at artefacts, drama, art, virtual tours, music and film clips.  Class 1 children follow a combination of units from both the Reception and Key Stage 1 curricula.


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